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Rating Sessions

  • $10/player. Payments can be made in one lump sum or by the individual players.

  • 2 - 16 players

  • Up to 12 games

  • Full game schedule is viewable by every player via the Swish sports app

  • Format can be round robin singles, with set partners or with rotating partners

  • Scores uploaded to DUPR within 24 hours

**STL Pickleball can manage the entire session remotely**

Step 1

Organize your group of players and identify a time and place to play. See Places to Play Map for locations in the STL region.

Step 2

Register at link below. We will create the game via Swish, invite all players to join the game, and then create the game schedule.

Step 3

Have all players set up a free DUPR account and free Swish account. Connect Swish account to DUPR account. (Swish app will guide you through this.)

Step 4

PLAY up to 12 games! Games can be played all in one day or can be split up over two or more days. 

Step 5

After each game, record and verify the scores in Swish. Once completed, send a message to us using the Swish chat feature.

Step 6

STL Pickleball will review the scores and then upload results to DUPR ASAP. Each players' DUPR rating will be updated soon after upload is finished.

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