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Minor League DUPR Calculators

Below is a quick way to see if your dream MiLP team meets the DUPR thresholds! Plug in each person's DUPR to calculate.

For each division, the aggregate of each players' ratings cannot exceed the following:

  • DUPR 12 = 12.30

  • DUPR 14 = 14.30

  • DUPR 16 = 16.30

  • DUPR 18 = 18.30

  • DUPR 20 = 20.999

For more Minor League Pickleball Info

Use the calculators for a quick and easy way to add up DUPR scores to form your MiLP team.

  • Enter each players' DUPR scores into the appropriate division

  • Hit the Calculate button

  • Leave one Player's score blank and the Difference field will let you know the DUPR needed to get to the max team aggregate

  • Use the last calculator to put in your own max aggregate, i.e. 12.30, 14.30, 15.30, etc.

For events using other ratings systems, use the calculator below and enter the team's maximum allowable aggregated amount. 

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