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  • Does STL Pickleball have a facility or manage courts?
    STL Pickleball is independent of a facility and does not do court management. This keeps our overhead very low, allowing us to offer leagues and DUPR rating sessions at affordable prices.
  • Does STL Pickleball keep a current database of locations to play in the STL region?
    Our Places to Play tab has an interactive Google map with information about indoor and outdoor courts in the area. USA Pickleball ambassadors are responsible for keeping a current national database and can be found at
  • Do I have to have a DUPR rating to join a Flex League or do a DUPR ratings session?
    Nope! You can join even you do not have a current rating. You do need to download the DUPR app and set up an account though so that a rating can start to be established.
  • Do DUPR and Swish accounts cost to use?
    No, both are free to the users. The downloads are free and there are no in-app purchases for either.
  • If I play a game but don't like the results, can I refuse to verify the scores, thereby preventing them from getting submitted to DUPR?
    Unfortunately, no. By registering to participate in our DUPR games you are agreeing to allow all scores, win or lose, to be submitted to DUPR. STL Pickleball has access to verify scores for the players.
  • How soon are scores submitted to DUPR after completing games?
    Technically, scores can be submitted as soon as the Flex League matches are complete, or the DUPR Ratings Session is complete. Realistically, stuff happens and edits will likely need to made every once in awhile which will potentially slow down how quickly DUPR will be updated. At the most, you can expect scores to be submitted within 1-3 days.
  • Can I register for a Flex League level lower than my current DUPR?
    While Swish does not prevent you systematically from registering at a level lower than your DUPR, STL Pickleball will be verifying that players are placed in the appropriate levels and divisions. We do ask that players are honest, though. Holding leagues based on DUPR's helps to prevent sandbagging with the goal of providing the most fair and fun experience for everyone.
  • Is there a max cumulative rating a team cannot exceed for each level?
    No, the levels people register for are based on individual ratings, not cumulative team ratings. As long as both players are registered per their DUPR rating the players can team up together.
  • Can I register for more than one league at a time?
    Yes, that's one of many perks of Flex Leagues! You may register for two divisions for each Season (gender doubles and mixed doubles) as well as sign up for different Seasons that run concurrently. You can also hold private leagues with just your group of friends at the same time! Reach out to us and we'd be happy to get that set up.
  • Can I play with someone who's DUPR is in a different division than mine?
    Yes! But to help eliminate sandbagging you must play at the higher DUPR level.
  • Does STL Pickleball hold ratings sessions at specific locations?
    Currently, STL Pickleball does not have a regular cadence of ratings sessions at a specific location. The benefit of using us is that you can hold the ratings sessions whenever and wherever you'd like. So if you have a group of friends you normally play with, contact us and we can make them DUPR ratings sessions.
  • Is STL Pickleball present to conduct the ratings session?
    We can be if that's what is wanted but everything can be done remotely using the Swish and DUPR apps. We can organize the players, create a schedule, and then submit the scores to DUPR all on the Swish app without having to be present. The players just have to enter the scores into Swish after each game. But if you'd prefer you us there, we can also arrange for that as well.
  • Do all the players have to have similar ratings to play together in a DUPR session?
    Definitely no. The player levels can be varied as they often are with friends. Just know that all scores will be submitted regardless of the outcomes.
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