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STL Pickleball is a DUPR DIGITAL CLUB! 

At STL Pickleball, we're taking the mystery out of how to establish and build your DUPR rating! We facilitate DUPR Flex Leagues and DUPR Ratings sessions to provide ample opportunities to establish and add scores to your rating. As a DUPR Club organizer, our matches carry twice as much weight as self-posted matches. In other words, our matches carry the same weight as a tournament but without the high cost or hassle! No more waiting for a tournament, and then waiting for the scores to be uploaded. Join our Flex Leagues to play with the flexibility you need as a busy pickleballer. Or just play wherever you normally play with the friends you normally play with and we will arrange to have the scores uploaded DUPR quickly! Click on the Leagues and Ratings Sessions tabs above to get started!

Basic DUPR Info:

  • Most accurate global pickleball rating system

  • DUPR Account is free

  • STL Pickleball Digital Club membership is free

  • Visit to download the app

Our Services

DUPR Rating Sessions

Need a rating but don't know where to start? Or do you need more scores uploaded so that your rating and reliability factor are more accurate? We bring DUPR to you, when it's convenient for you! 

Places to Play Map

STL has many courts to play at indoors and outdoors. See our interactive map and find the courts nearest you so you can get those DUPR games going!

Image by Ben Hershey

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